Our caregivers are just like Jayne Berns!

Jayne Berns from Mason, Ohio turned 100 this summer and told her friends that she had one wish: "to keep working". Berns mentioned that she tried retiring several times throughout her 70s and 80s, then would "unretire" just a few months later. The best part of her job, she says, is "the people". "I enjoy talking to everybody I work with, and meeting the customers who are very nice". You can read more about Jayne's story here.

Much like Jayne, our caregivers are mature and responsible seniors who want to stay active, love people, and want have a purpose in life while giving back to their communities. Our business model is to pair senior caregivers with our clients. This creates a more authentic relationship with our clients and caregivers, as our friendly and compassionate seniors know the challenges that come with aging. Also, by employing seniors, our turnover is significantly lower than industry norms, which means that our clients don't have a revolving door of new caregivers on a monthly or weekly basis.

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